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Jiangju VIP Purchase Guide


Follow these simple steps in purchasing a Jianghu VIP.


1. Login your account to and proceed to your Member Dashboard.




2. Hover your mouse to Age of Kung Fu’s image and click the Item Mall button.




3. Select your designated server, Jianghu VIP and click the duration you desire to purchase.



4. After selecting the desired duration of Jianghu VIP, click Confirm button.



5. Input your Account Password then press OK.



6. The system will notify you if your transaction was successful.



Note: Processing the Jianghu VIP may take several minutes to allocate in your account. Please wait patiently.


7. Login the game. You will notice the Jianghu VIP Status (expiration date) from the lower portion of your character lobby.


Note: If your Jianghu VIP status didn’t appear from your first login, kindly play your character inside the game for few seconds and perform a Character Select.